🛠️Patch 1.0.3

1.0 Matchmaking:

1.1 - Implemented auto re-queuing after 5 min to increase match making efficiency.

2.0 Bugs and Issues:

2.1 - Fixed error in balance of client UI causing player balance to display " ' " and balances in his account menu to display "Processing". Player balance will not show on the first connection until player selects a preferred Token in the settings. 2.2 - Fixed an issue with QR code to connect wallet not closing 2.3 - Account menu now correctly disabled when player is queuing. 2.4 - Keyboard re-binds now properly saves and loads between sessions. 2.5 - Fixed an issue in Ammunition boxes respawns. 2.6 - Fixed issues with buy and deposit processes returning network errors.

3.0 Game Balance:

3.1 - Grenades Balance: Grenades now have a reduced Area of Effect and do less damages to distant targets. Ammo crates now only give two grenades of each type instead of 3. It is now impossible to throw 2 grenades consecutively before they explode. It is now possible to rebind grenade keys. 3.2 - Improved player spawning system by increasing number of spawn points on both maps and reworking randomization of spawns.

4.0 Player experience:

4.1 - Player is now able to browse the armory while queuing for a game. The buy and withdraw functions are disabled to avoid compromising funds when a player is in the buying / withdrawal process when his game starts. 4.2 - Player can now select his/her preferred token as default token for purchases and deposit/withdraws in Setting / Preferences. 4.3 - Player can now toggle an FPS / latency display from the settings / preferences menu. 4.4 - Increased in-game chat message display time to 6s from 3s.

5.0 User Interface:

5.1 - The settings menu has been entirely revisited. 5.2 - It is now possible to change the game display mode: Windowed / Fullscreen / Exclusive Fullscreen (improves performance). 5.3 - It is now possible to select game resolution from a list of formats and standard resolutions.

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