Market places

Nemesis Downfall's assets can be bought and sold both on an in-game market place (coming soon), an online dedicated marketplace, and the usual NFT marketplaces.

Online marketplace

At first, we will be hosting our NFT Nemesis Downfall assets marketplace online: Visit the marketplace here

Players can buy weapon and attachement NFTs directly to their in-game wallet by connecting to the marketplace with their Nemesis Downfall Profile. They will be able to find them in their Armory menu, equip and use them when playing the game.

In-game market place

We intend to also include an in-game marketplace.

Players will be able to buy our Marketplace currency Nbucks with FIAT currencies, and buy items on the in-game Market Place with Nbucks, in-game ND tokens and other cryptocurrencies.

NFT marketplaces

Nemesis Downfall NFT skins, weapons and attachments can be traded openly on all Binance Smart Chain NFT marketplaces.

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