🛠️Patch 1.0.1

1.0 Matchmaking:

1.1 - We have modified the matchmaking rules to allow more people to get into games and reduce average wait time. We will keep adapting based on reported queue times.

1.2 - With the same intention, we will now redirect all players to the same map if there is not enough players to start a game on any of the maps. Military Base being a larger map, it requires more people and queue times can be longer. Subterranean Strife is a smaller but fast paced map with lower amount of players required to start a game.

2.0 Bugs and issues:

2.1 - Resolved an issue on player re-spawn that allowed bug exploit from other players chain killing an inactive copy of the player's character.

  • As a result, we have reset the leaderboard and compensated the previous top 5 with a gifted character skin.

  • The players who abused the bug exploit have been banned and their rewards removed after evidence checks.

2.1 - Corrected an issue where players reported not being credited their rewards after a game by adding a token balance refresh upon player returning from Game and when opening Account Menu. 3.0 Game Balance

3.1 Shotgun - lowered precision of scoped shot.

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