In-game economy

In-game economy

In-game currency

Like most of the Play-and-earn games, Nemesis Downfallโ€™s economy will work with an in-game currency pegged to its $ND token.

We are working on an on / off ramp allowing people to exchange $ND for in-game currency and vice versa. At first, only claims to withdraw in-game currency for $ND will be possible as to not block rewards distributed into the game.

Most of the game features presented below will function with in-game currency, and will directly or indirectly impact the $ND usage.

Token use cases

There are a number of in-game features that we plan to introduce in the game at later stages (see detailed roadmap to come), that will directly impact the token economy:

Outside of the game:

โ€” Marketplace: Skin NFTs will be buyable on a BSC marketplace and usable in-game. In a second time, we will make skin NFTS buyable in an in-game marketplace, and payable in in-game currency directly as well as cryptocurrencies ($ND, stables). The revenues created when the project sells NFTS will be allocated to various economy items, such as Reward pools and project expenses (marketing, infrastructures, salaries), Burns, etc.

โ€” Staking: While this is not a priority, we do not close the door to staking and / or LP farming. If we feel like this is a plebiscite feature, or one that helps us balance the economy, we will look into these mechanisms.


โ€” Competitive games: While playing Nemesis Downfall is entirely free, we will implement a competitive mode where players pay for an entry ticket, and game winners get to receive most of the pot. We will take percentages of the ticket sales to contribute to other economy items.

โ€” Competitive tournaments: Just like competitive games, we intend to introduce a counterpart to our โ€œfreeโ€ tournaments which would have an entry fee and extra rewards. With the same model, a share of these tournaments revenue would be used to contribute to the economy.

โ€” Game pass: Since day 1, we announced that we would implement a seasonal game pass in nemesis, where people will get a set of skins; competitive games and tournament entry tickets, weapons features etc. Game pass sales revenue will also contribute to the economy.

โ€” Badge / league system: Although this is a much later development, we plan to integrate a league or badges system where players could access some specific paid or unpaid features based on their personal stats. We will carefully design the system as to not implement any pay-to-win bias into the game, but extra revenue generated by it would also contribute the economy.

Deflationary supply

By multiplying the use cases of the token, we intend to make it more attractive to players and investors.

Another way of helping our token sustain its core value is to implement burn mechanisms that lowers the total supply as we increase the circulating token amounts. We havenโ€™t exactly fixed the numbers, but our intent is to burn a small percentage of all in-game generated economy, so that the more people play Nemesis Downfall, the more deflationary $ND becomes!

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