Free to play modes

Nemesis downfall will feature several different game modes, from the most common in FPS games to uniquely designed ones.


In Deathmatch mode, the player mission is simple: obliterate opponents to rack up points. It's every player for themselves in this solo showdown, battling against the clock within a time-limited match. Don't sweat the eliminations; respawns keep the action relentless. Victory belongs to the sharpshooter or team boasting the most kills when the dust settles. Ready, aim, dominate!

One in the chamber

This mode differentiates Nemesis Downfall from other FPS games as it was designed in-house.

In One in the chamber, players spawn with only one bullet in their gun, but it is a 100% lethal bullet. Players will shoot to kill, and regain one more ammo if they get out of each encounter alive. They can pick up more ammo here and there, and they'll have to make every single bullet count!

Battle Royale

Survival is key in Battle Royale mode. Players are dropped onto the map, scavenge for weapons, and outlast opponents in a shrinking play area. Be the last one standing to claim victory. Solo or in squads, strategic decisions and skill are paramount. With no respawns, the tension rises as the safe zone diminishes, forcing intense encounters until only one remains triumphant. Welcome to the ultimate test of skill and survival. Battle royal mode will not be implemented at Alpha game launch, but is planned for soon after.

Upcoming modes

On top of the 3 main modes, we do not exclude bringing more variety to Nemesis Downfall through other successful and loved game modes such as Capture the Flag, King Of The Hill, Attack / defense.

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