$ND token

  • BEP-20 - On the Binance Smart Chain

  • Total supply: 20B

  • Contract address: 0x723000d0df87652387e737f5747ac9205bf9c213

  • Token information: CoinMarketCap; Coingecko



Nemesis Downfall was launched back in 2021 and the original vesting periods are all over now. Having a 100% unlocked and circulating supply is however neither enticing for new holders nor reflecting the reality of the amount of tokens on the market.

Thus, the team has voluntarily agreed on re-vesting most of the project wallets after TGE (10/17/2023) according to the following release schedule:

  • Advisory: 1 month lock + 6 months linear vesting

  • Team: 1 month lock + 24 months linear vesting

  • Marketing: 6 months linear vesting

  • Developers allocation: 1 month lock + 6 months vesting

  • In-game rewards: locked until game launch + 24 months linear vesting

  • Ecosystem: locked until game launch + 5 months linear vesting.

Note: The Liquidity wallet was used to deploy liquidities for the PancakeSwap ND/USDT pair and upcoming CEX listing. The remaining liquidities will be “unlocked” 50% after 1 month and 100% after 6 months. Please note that these tokens will be accounted for as unlocked although they are not intended to be sold on the market and will not dilute investors.

Circulating Supply

Considering the distribution and release schedule above, we estimate:

  • The launch circulating supply of the token is 5.73B $ND, or 28.6% of the total supply.

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