Nemesis Downfall

Nemesis Downfall is set in a chaotic world characterized by technological advancement and the earthly reign of humanoids from a distant galaxy known as โ€˜Antonym.โ€™

Utilizing their advanced weaponry and technology, the Antonym conquered Earth many decades ago to plunder its natural resources. For many generations, they subjugated

humans of all nations in a global surveillance state. The humans are not abused by their overlords unless they break the laws of the totalitarian state, but they have lost their rights, and they are under constant video monitoring and digital tracking- they are imprisoned in their homes and

are only permitted to leave with permission from the government. That said, humans donโ€™t have to work, and all of their basic needs are provided for. Inside the metaverse, they are perpetually entertained from the comfort of their apartment prisons where all of their digital dreams can come true.

Suddenly, without warning, the Antonym are leaving- thousands of them are evacuating in starcraft, and the humans donโ€™t know why. Is impending doom approaching Earth? Whatever the case, the Antonym have left a power vacuum, abandoning their reign, technology, and capital. Who will take control? What will be the future of mankind? Some wish to maintain the lifestyle of artificial comfort provided to them by the Antonym, but others have different visions for humanity. Now, as in times of old, the humans must fight against themselves.

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