Rewards distribution

BETA launch  — Fixed rewards, limited time

While our completed distribution system will not be functional at BETA launch, we wish to reward early project adopters and players.

We will have a Fixed reward system for the beta launch

From the BETA launch and until integration of our rewards model, every game launched on Nemesis Downfall will get a fixed allocation. The TOP1, TOP2 and TOP3 players will split that amount.

We will provide allocations of rewards for the top three after analyzing games for a period of time after the beta release to give the best possible balance for the game ecosystem.

Future rewards distribution

The model delivers an amount of rewards that is fixed per hour, in order to not deplete the reserves too fast.

We put a very strong emphasis on designing a system that does not overflow the supply. 

We will use the feedback of our Open BETA to tweak the numbers until we find a balance between making the rewards incentive, and not diluting our holders. It is of utter importance to us that holders are not penalized by rewards, hence rewards distribution will incorporate burn and treasury mechanisms to make the supply deflationary.

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